Detail of "The Queen of Sacrifice"

Detail of "The Queen of Sacrifice"

Elizabeth is a self-taught artist with a background in English Literature and History. Her focus is on narrative art with surrealist elements. She works primarily in oils using traditional methods.

Elizabeth’s recent paintings modify classic works of art to create new narratives inspired by history and mythology. The subjects of these paintings are animals, chosen specifically for their symbolic significance.

Reproductions and select originals of Elizabeth's work are available to purchase in her Shop and can be shipped directly to you. Contact Elizabeth if you are interested in purchasing an original that you don’t see available in the online shop, or if you have any questions about commissions, etc.

You can also sign up to be a Patron on Patreon. $5 a month patrons get an original animal drawing every year. You choose the animal! Patreon funds go towards supplies for Elizabeth’s upcoming Solo Show in April.

You can also find Elizabeth's work for sale at ZaPow! Gallery and at The Taylor Gallery in Asheville,