Commission details:

All commissions require a 30% non-refundable down payment with the final 70% due upon completion before the painting released. Commissions will be in Elizabeth’s style. Elizabeth has the right to refuse any commission requests. Elizabeth retains all rights to any commissioned images. The buyer may not reproduce the image for profit.

Below you will find starting prices for oil on canvas commissions. Additional fees may apply if special materials/framing are requested. Additional fees may apply if the commission work time exceeds 8 hours. Past 8 hours an additional rate of $20 per hour applies. The buyer will be informed ahead of time of the expected total cost/hours of the commission. If the buyer requests changes after the quoted time has been met, an additional $20/hour fee will be added to the original price.

Starting rates for oil painting on standard cotton canvas:

5x7: $60

8x10: $80

11x14: $150

16x20: $320

18x24: $430

24x36: $860

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