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PRINT "Eagle's Crossing"

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From the “Birds of War” series.

This listing is for archival PRINTS of my original oil painting "Eagle's Crossing"

These are giclée prints: cold press paper/archival ink.

Each print is bagged and boarded and then packaged in a rigid mailer before being shipped to you.

It came as a surprise to me that "Washington Crossing the Delaware" was actually a piece of propoganda created by a German artist who hoped to use the American Revolution to inspire Europeans to push for liberal reform in mid 1800's. The figures in the original painting are a veritable melting pot of ethnicities, even including a woman at the forefront, presumably to promote the idea of a culturally diverse and forward thinking America. Replacing these figures with the appropriate birds was a challenge. Washington himself, of course, could easily be represented by a bald eagle. Most of the other birds are chosen because they are the national bird of the original individual or a close equivalent. The Native American figures are represented by crows because of their respect for the crow. The Scotsman have the Golden Eyed eagle as their equivalent as it is the national bird of Scotland. The African figures are represented by the Hamerkop, the National Bird of Gambia. The two figures that seem to be farmers have been replaced with chickens. And the non-descript white soldiers are either Common Buzzards or Imperial Eagles, this choice mainly being a personal preference for the look of these birds. Finally, the lady in red in the front is a Cat Bird, well, you can guess why...

Painting Inspired by: "Washington Crossing the Delaware" Emanuel Leutze, 1851.

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