PRINT "In the Guise of Minerva"

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PRINT "In the Guise of Minerva"

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From the “Birds of War” series.

Unframed Archival Giclee Print of my original painting "In the Guise of Minerva"

Catherine the Great was responsible for expanding the Russian Empire some 200,000 square miles, established the first paper money in Russia, and was a champion for arts, education, and culture. She believed that education could change the hearts and minds of the Russian people. She embraced enlightenment philosophy and was a champion of Voltaire in particular. Because of her guiding principles she was often depicted by artists in the guise of minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom, whose symbol is the owl. Though Catherine was often criticized for pouring too much money into the military, and building her empire on the backs of serfs, she was able to establish much of the framework for modern Russia and effectively solidify the country's place as one of the great powers of Europe.

Painting inspired by: "Catherine II of Russia in Life Guard Uniform on the Horse Brillante" Vigilius Eriksen, 1762

This is a print NOT an original.

These are giclée prints: cold press paper/archival ink.

Each print is bagged and boarded and then packaged in a rigid mailer before being shipped to you.

Please allow 5 business days for order to be processed before shipping.

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