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The Immortal Commander.jpg

PRINT "The Immortal Commander"

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From the “Birds of War” series.

Unframed Archival Giclee Print of my original painting "The Immortal Commander"

When Alexander the Great first discovered the peacock in Persia he was overwhelmed by their beauty. He thought it was a bird worthy of the Gods attention. The peacock feather soon became a symbol of his power.

It is believed by some scholars that Alexander the Great might have been the first to introduce the peacock to Europe. Later the poor peacock became popular not only in the courts of Europe as a symbol of royalty, but also as a delicacy. Some even thought that you could become immortal by eating the peacock, as legend told them that the peacock's flesh never rotted.

Painting inspired by: A detail of Alexander and his horse Bucephalus from The Alexander Mosaic, unknown artist, first century AD.

This is a print NOT an original.

These are giclée prints: cold press paper/archival ink.

Each print is bagged and boarded and then packaged in a rigid mailer before being shipped to you.

Please allow 5 business days for order to be processed before shipping.

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