PRINT "The Queen of Sacrifice"

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The Queen of Sacrifice.jpg

PRINT "The Queen of Sacrifice"

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From the “Birds of War” series.

Unframed Archival Giclee Print of my original painting "The Queen of Sacrifice"

In her portraits Elizabeth I of England wears all the trappings of royalty--but these decorations are more than just for show. Every stitch and jewel is symbolic. Elizabethan propoganda. Tudor roses decorate the fabric to prove her connection to the Tudors. Pearls symbolize purity. Red, black, white, and gold, prove her wealth and status. Crosses show her connection to God (she was convinced she had a direct line). And, often, a pelican appears on or around her person. The pelican symbolizes her selfless love for her people, a mother’s love, because, according to legend, a female pelican would pluck her own breast to feed her dying young with her own blood. The pelican was also a symbol, in the Middle Ages, of Jesus’ crucifixion, the ultimate sacrifice, and of the Eucharist. The bird to represent the queen, then, was an easy choice.

Painting inspired by "Queen Elizabeth I in Coronation Robes" Unknown Artist, 1600.

This is a print NOT an original.

These are giclée prints: cold press paper/archival ink.

Each print is bagged and boarded and then packaged in a rigid mailer before being shipped to you.

Please allow 5 business days for order to be processed before shipping.

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